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UNIFIED Music Group

Streaming Playlist – FAQ

We’ve officially opened up the use of our latest and most significant releases for you to stream! Including tracks from ERRA, Northlane, Architects, Stray From The Path, Thornhill & much more!

Which platforms can I stream your music to?
Our playlists are available to stream to Twitch, YouTube, Meta and TikTok!

Do I have to credit the artist?
It’s not compulsory to credit the artist, but we highly recommend this! You can ID the song or share our streaming playlist link:

Which playlists are suitable to stream?

Can I use your music for post-produced video content?
Our music is intended to be whitelisted for live-streaming only. VODs on YouTube, Meta or TikTok will not be muted from us but you will lose some or all monetisation.

My Twitch VOD got muted!
Our music is intended for live-streaming. It’s designed to be played during live streams on platforms like Twitch. After the live stream has ended and Twitch converts it into a VOD (Video on Demand), there is a possibility that the music might be muted in the VOD. Due to ongoing negotiations with the platform and distributors (beyond our control), you may receive a warning (which is issued automatically by Twitch, not us). Please note, this isn’t the same as a copyright strike. Warnings can be disputed.

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