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UNIFIED Music Group

Robb / Drums
Neeco / Guitarist, Clean Vocalist
Milly / Vocalist
Travv / Bass, Backup Vocals
Mattie / Guitar, Vocals

Coming straight outta the Bayou, New Orleans area quintet HourHouse are proudly rap metal. But don’t get it twisted, we ain’t talking about no mall-variety jock-pop; HourHouse have concocted a fully loaded riff ‘n’ rhyme proposition, splitting at the seams with dirty grooves and heavy riffage, thumping beats and fierce spittin’.

Their music oozes confidence and swagger — with influences as varied and diverse as $uicideboi$ to Meshuggah, Kendrick to Korn. So expect the unorthodox from this forward-thinking crew. Fusing tectonic plate-shifting riffs with woozy beats, thunderclap grooves and ferocious screams that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, HourHouse are setting a new bar for where rap metal is heading.


June 22, 2023
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