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UNIFIED Music Group

J.T. Cavey / Vocals
Jesse Cash
/ Vocals + Guitars
Sean Price
/ Guitars
Conor Hesse
/ Bass
Alex Ballew
/ Drums

Rising from Birmingham, AL just over a decade ago, ERRA have vigorously toured worldwide, released four acclaimed studio albums and two EPs earning them a sprawling fan base crossing genres and generations.

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Their reputation for technical riffs, genius musicianship and emotional, visceral lyrics are fully displayed on their new single “Snowblood” which sees its release via UNFD. The track takes on deteriorating mental health and the life-sapping effects of technology respectively. Vocalist and guitarist Jesse Cash adds, “The Snowblood instrumental had a dark intensity to it, so the only lyrics that seemed to fit contextually ended up being some of the darkest we’ve ever written. We wanted to paint a picture of a person’s deteriorating mental health by creating imagery akin to what you’d see in a horror movie. Instrumentally and lyrically, all the key elements of where we’re heading as a band on our new material are there.”

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House Of Glass
House Of Glass
November 20, 2020
August 27, 2020

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